Monk in the trunk

Organic Amber Ale

Our flaghship beer. This unique copper-colored ale derives its fruity, slightly spicy aroma from authentic Belgian Abbey yeast. The subtle nutty and malty sweet flavors sing in harmony with the freshest organic hops available. Monk In The Trunk devotees are known to chant about its most intriguing quality, true drinkability.

The inspiration to create this fine organic beer was provided by the tale of a legendary Belgian Monk who spanned the globe in search of only the best ingredients from this fertile earth. Drawn to our shores by the great beacon which is the Jupiter Lighthouse, he discovered the missing component to fullfill his quest to brew the perfect beer. In the spirit of the Monk, Friar Ray suggests you keep it real...drink organic. (And responsibly)

Available on draft (13.2 Gal Kegs & 1/6bbl kegs) and 6 pack bottles.

5.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume)


Monk IPA

Monk IPA is a hop forward Belgian inspired India Pale ale. Copious amounts of the freshest American hops deliver an array of citrusy, piney, tropical flavors and aromas balanced by the distinctive Belgian yeast. This bonafide combination of styles exemplifies the age old saying “in life, balance is everything!”

Available in 6 pack bottles.

6.0% ABV (Alcohol By Volume)

75 IBU’s (International Bitterness Units